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Sudbury, ON

Locally owned and operated

Sudbury, ON

Locally owned and operated

Customer Reviews

Thinking of trying our house maid services? See what others had to say!

Read our customer reviews: Our clients drive us to succeed

Of course we love what our house maid services have to offer, but so do our customers. Take a look below to see what a few have shared about their experience with us!

“The ladies do a great job! I don’t have to worry about anything. They are trustworthy and reliable”

– M.L.

“I love coming home to a house that is clean and ordered. I don’t have the time to do the cleaning myself but Merry Maids does it for me to my standards.”

– L.M.

“The ladies were very efficient, thorough and friendly. House was very clean and even smelled great.”

– M.P.

“Love the attention to detail! Service is reliable as is the communication with us. Friendly staff. They’re everything I look for in a cleaning service. :)”

– M.S.

“It smelled so clean when they were done. Not a chemical smell but a nice cinnamon smell. Very enjoyable!”

– C.B.

“Professionalism, promptness and friendliness. I am not sure what products are used but every time I return home after a cleaning, the house smells clean without any chemical odors. Very accommodating regarding time or day changes. I would definitely recommend Merry Maids to anyone looking for this type of service. Oh, and the price is right!”

– J.B.

“Very nice to walk into a clean home; no odors; Every thing in place ; very easy to keep lt clean. “

– D.T.

“The products the smell, the staff is extremely friendly and efficient. In particular, I like the personal touches and little extras they provide.”

– M.T.

“I appreciate returning home from work on the scheduled cleaning day, because the clean and organized appearance i receive, is achieved by Merry Maid in a much better way than what i do.”

– R.D.

“Very nice to walk into a clean home; no odors; Every thing in place ; very easy to keep lt clean. “

– D.T.

“Merry Maids is an excellent cleaning service. The ladies are cordial and efficient. I highly recommend then to anyone wanting their home cleaned on a regularly basis. I also think that you can book them for a spring cleaning. Nothing better than coming home to a clean home. It makes my day.”

– D.G.

“Cleaning crew is well organized and works efficiently with minimal interruption to office activity. Very polite and good at their jobs. Crew always accommodates requests when small changes are needed in their cleaning order.”

– T.E

“First of all we loved that you were flexible and accommodating to our mothers needs and frequency of visits and that a schedule for the upcoming year was provided to us. The cleaning ladies were professional and friendly and on time. The products used were great, we loved the cinnamon scent.”

– R.E

“House is very clean and tidy, yet feels undisturbed. The team is prompt and reliable. They have even cleaned when I am home asleep after a night shift and haven’t woken me.”

– EM

“No odour of cleaners. My oven has not been so clean for ages. No extra noise. Little inconvenience.”

– LK

“No odour of cleaners. My oven has not been so clean for ages. No extra noise. Little inconvenience.”

– LK

“The quality of workmanship (or is that workwomanship) was excellent !!!! Time & effort of the work crew was not spared. From our experience with the cleaning products we used, the product/s used by your company are superior. Looking forward to continuous service by the Merry Maids company.”

Joyce & Joe

“Just wanted to report that my last 2 cleanings have been excellent and to say thank you to Tina and Lisa for their outstanding work. We really appreciate your efforts.”

Marg & Pat

“The ladies are very professional and friendly and team work all the way. They are knowledgeable of cleaning products. Also, they went above and beyond by removing dust from area I wouldn’t even think of leaving it spotless. I would recommend them and can’t wait until the next time I have them over.”

– C.W

“The cleaning was very thorough! And the crew showed up on time as plan. No issues which is always great when moving. “

– T.T.

“The initial meeting, report and subsequent follow up were all professional.”

– S.P.

“Floor was squeaky clean, fridge stove counters and cabinets polished. Bathrooms were sparkling… “

– B.T.

“We hired Merry Maids – two amazing women – to accomplish a professional cleaning of our mother’s home in Sudbury, and they did a fantastic job: punctual, thorough, skilled, thoughtful, and comprehensive in their approach. I recommend them to everyone!”

– B.R.

“Merry Maids is convenient and efficient, and their products work to clean every spot in your house.”

– M.S.

“The girls are always polite and friendly, and they clean my apartment in half the time it would take me. They do a very thorough job and are very careful.”

– P.L.

“I was impressed by the attention to detail that this company provides. I also appreciate that there is so much effort to limit cross-contamination and that the products were pretty friendly. Very affordable.”

– A.M.

“The smell of cinnamon is amazing. Very friendly staff, always doing their best to attend specific likes of house owners.”

– S.M.

“We appreciate dealing with professionals….from Liz the owner, to Tiffany in the office and Leanne who helps keep this house clean and cared for.”

– H.T.

“Very professional and thorough. What a thrill coming back to my beautiful home!”

– C.D.

“Our Merry Maid has been a special addition to our household. All of the agreed upon duties are cleaned efficiently with great care. If a substitute for a particular duty is asked for of equal time and effort, the change is made for that visit willingly. If time is available, small little projects are added to fill time, for example, cleaning photo frames that I had ignored. I am impressed with the quality of the cleaning products. A water spot on a leather antique table was like new the first visit! The products used do not leave any harsh or phony odours.”

– B.M.

Very clean, close attention to detail, even the ceiling light fixtures got dusted!”

– K.W.

“Constant and reliable service each time. Keep it up.”

– M.P.

“Very friendly and accommodating staff, house always smells nice but not overpowering after a clean.”

– J.B.

“Thanks Tiffany, Liz and staff. You ladies and your staff are just amazing. I came home last Wednesday, to a beautifully cleaned home and a loyalty surprise. Merry Maids don’t disappoint with their cleaning services. I have used them in my own home for years. Thanks for the great service ladies. “

– D.G.

“Tiffany & Liz at the Sudbury office were great to deal with. Got pricing to me very quickly and are always able to squeeze me into their busy schedule in order to get my various properties cleaned when required.”

– A.L.

“The ladies are prompt and efficient and give that little extra effort to do a great job. My thanks to them.”

– G.R.

“I love that your staff communicate with me in an extremely accessible medium. They provide prompt answers to any questions I may have. They go over information with me that I am not able to read due to having a visual impairment. The cleaning itself was very thorough.”

– V.F.

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