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the Merry Maids of Sudbury guarantee

Ever worry about the quality of cleaning you will receive from your maid services? At Merry Maids of Sudbury, we guarantee our maid services. That means if you are ever unhappy with the job a maid has done, we will gladly return at no extra charge to clean the area in question.

Our 100% guaranteed maid services ensure you always get the best cleaning from every Merry Maids of Sudbury maid. We want our customers to relax knowing they are receiving the cleaning they want each and every time a maid steps into their home.

Merry Maids of Sudbury

2141 LaSalle Blvd Bldg 8 #E
Sudbury, ON P3A 2A3

Call us at 705-566-6243

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Merry Maids of Sudbury is proudly serving the following areas: Azilda, Capreol, Chelmsford, Coniston, Copper Cliff, Downtown Sudbury, Falconbridge, Garson, Hanmer, Lively, Minnow Lake, Naughton, New Sudbury, Skead, South End, South End of Sudbury, Val Caron, Wahnapitae,Greater Sudbury.

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