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Merry Maids of Sudbury goes above and beyond traditional maid service cleaning by offering unique cleaning plans that can relieve you of household chores. Each professionally trained maid treats your home as if it was their own and a 100% satisfaction guarantee means you get a thorough cleaning every time. House cleaning services shouldn’t stop there and with the maid service at Merry Maids of Sudbury, it doesn’t. Whether you’re looking for a maid service that can do a full house cleaning, someone to help you pack or unpack your holiday decorations, organize your bedroom closet or wash your windows, you can count on Merry Maids of Sudbury house cleaning services. We listen to your every wish, so that your home receives the best cleaning possible. With maid services from Merry Maids of Sudbury, you’ll return to more than just a clean home.

Most importantly, you can trust the maid service from Merry Maids of Sudbury. Merry Maids of Sudbury is a maid service where every maid is insured in case of injury or in the event anything gets damaged by a maid during a cleaning. Each maid receives the best training to ensure every Merry Maids of Sudbury maid provides the same thorough cleaning for our customers. A Merry Maids of Sudbury maid also uses microfibre cloths in every room. This allows a maid to trap and remove more dirt during each cleaning, improving air quality in the home. Merry Maids of Sudbury even uses customized cleaning products to avoid harmful chemicals. When considering a maid service to take care of all your cleaning needs and provide peace of mind, make sure you choose Merry Maids of Sudbury.

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Merry Maids of Sudbury is proudly serving the following areas: Azilda, Capreol, Chelmsford, Coniston, Copper Cliff, Downtown Sudbury, Falconbridge, Garson, Hanmer, Lively, Minnow Lake, Naughton, New Sudbury, Skead, South End, South End of Sudbury, Val Caron, Wahnapitae,Greater Sudbury.

Merry Maids Discounts

Sudbury Cleaning Service

Merry Maids of Sudbury Cleaning Services

Cleaning up around the house is a big job and finding the time to get it done can be difficult. House cleaning services could be just what you need to get a clean home and enjoy a little more free time for yourself. Find out what Merry Maids of Sudbury has to offer and see the difference our maid services can bring to your home.

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You Can Trust

Merry Maids of Sudbury Maids you Can Trust

With Merry Maids of Sudbury, you never need to worry about accidents in your home during a cleaning. Every maid on the team at Merry Maids of Sudbury is bonded and insured to give you total peace of mind during each cleaning. Learn more about the benefits of having a house cleaning service that is protected every time a maid enters your home.

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The Merry Maids Guarantee

Merry Maids of Sudbury Guarantee

Your home is of the highest importance to Merry Maids. Every Merry Maids of Sudbury maid is impeccably thorough every time they enter your home for a cleaning. We stand behind our house cleaning services 100%, and take pride in our maid service and every maid on our staff. Learn more about us in our Why Merry Maids section.

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Cleaning Services

Merry Maids of Sudbury Cleaning Services

Get the house cleaning you want every time with Merry Maids of Sudbury! We take pride in providing the right house cleaning services based on your needs. Merry Maids of Sudbury has a number of house cleaning services available, ensuring you will always be able to find something that fits your needs and budget. You deserve to get what you want from a maid service and with Merry Maids of Sudbury, you will.

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